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Test your Intelligence Quotient by doing the following Quizzes!

Do the Quiz. Try first before you give up. The Answers are at the bottom of the page. Updated monthly, so watch out for new and tougher problems, only on HogwartsNet!

  1) If the earth is viewed from the arctic, which direction will the globe be rotating, clockwise or counter-clockwise?

 2) Ten boys are to be lined up into five straight lines. Each line must have four boys. How to arrange them?

 3) What is the name of the actor of Hermione Granger  in Harry Potter movies?

 4) Which two people in 'Harry Potter' have colours as their surnames?

 5) A Quidditch team lined up in a straight line. Either from left or right, Mr. X is the seventeenth. So how many people are there in that Quidditch team? (common sense)

 6) CODES:   'Scissor, paper, stone' means 'Zoo's Dinosaurs have escaped' ;  'Tiger, stone, rod' stands for 'Jack is a Dinosaurs expert' ;  'Scissor, tiger, chicken' represents 'Zoo invites Jack' ;    SO, from the code, we can deduce that 'paper' stands for - a) Zoo  b) Jack  c) Invite d) Escape e) Dinosaurs.  use logic and choose one.

 7) One day, Voldemort got short of money and wants to rob some cash. He arrived in Gringotts. There are total of FIVE vaults, and he knew only ONE of them had cash, and the rest have poisonous vipers which bites and kills immediately. But luckily, there are inscriptions on each door, which requires pure LOGIC to decipher. In vault A: 'cash is not in vault B'; In vault B: 'cash in this vault'; In vault C: 'cash is in vault D'; In vault D: ' this vault does not have vipers'; In vault E: 'The four rooms are all lying';.  So which vault should Voldemort go to get cash?

 8) Rabbits and chickens are kept in a cage. In the cage, there is a total of 14 animals, and 40 legs. It is known that rabbits have 4 legs and chikens have 2. So, is there more rabbits than chickens or vice versa?

 9) What is the name of the language of snakes in 'Harry Potter'?

 10) A wizard can brew thirty potions a day. Five wizards in one hundred days can brew how many potions?








        ANSWERS !        

1) counter-clockwise

2) line up in the formation of a five-pointed star. Each person reprents a dot both on the edges as well as in the center.

3) Emma Watson

4) Sirius Black and Lavender Brown

5) 33

6) D

7) B

8) More chickens than rabbits

9) Parseltongue

10) 15000


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